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icon Gym Release - Open Gym, Etc.

Please fill out and sign this form to participate in activities at Encore Elite if you are not a current athlete.   If you are on cheer teams or currently tumble at Encore Elite, you do not need this form.

icon Registration Form

Please fill in and sign this form to register for any classes at Encore Elite.   This form will need to be filled out yearly.

icon Sponsorship Form

This sponsorship form is for those on All-Star Competition Cheer Teams.   You are free to print this form or forward it to any person/company that you feel will help to sponsor your child for cheerleading cost.  Any monies received with this form are to be put towards the account of the designated child on this form.

icon Class Drop Form

This form must be received 30 prior to dropping a tumbling class.  Class tuition will be continued until a Class Drop Form is turned into the front office.

icon 2018-19 Tryout Form

Each child trying out for Encore Elite's 2018-19 All-Star Teams, needs to have this form to bring the day of tryouts.

icon 2018-19 All-Star Team Packet

Each child trying out for Encore Elite's 2018-19 All-Star Teams will need to have one of the packets completed and turned in at time of tryouts, or before.

icon Sponsorship form - Company Form

This is a sponsorship form for a company that wishes to sponsor Encore Elite.

Forms - 1 to 7 of 7